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  In 1998 BLACK IMAGE has been founded in Bremen (Germany) as a retail shop for arts and crafts of high quality from sub-saharan Africa. As the demand was increasing we started a few years later with wholesale activities and in 2004 BLACK IMAGE-NATUREWORLD e.K. was finally established as its own wholesale company.

BLACK IMAGE-NATUREWORLD e.K. is specialized in dealing with highly decorative natural products from Westafrica: We import dried seeds, pods, fruits and other parts of plants as well as horn-hollows and snails. Our customers are florists and interior decorators in Europe, North- and Southamerica and in the Far East.

LANDWAVES NIGERIA Ltd. is our partner company in Westafrica, which delivers full container loads from the ports of Lagos (Nigeria) into the whole world. .



Our Ethics and Standards:

  • We are dealing only with vegetable and animal products not included in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
  • Morover we take care that all these non-protected products are gathered in a way not endangering the natural growth of the plant in its local area.
  • Our cow- and sheephorns are derived exclusevily from cattle usually slaughtered for nourishment.
  • Neither BLACK IMAGE NATUREWORLD e.K. nor LANDWAVES NIGERIA Ltd. are employing children or young people under 16 years.
  • Our workers in Nigeria are men and women who are payed slightly more than the local wage. Their income enables them to sustain their often large families and to send their children to school.


Our Service:

  • We are shipping your goods either from our warehouse in Bremen (Germany) or (only containerload) from Lagos (Nigeria).
  • We provide you all the documents necessary for the import into your country (CITES document, veterinary health certificate, fumigation certificate etc
  • All the goods are packed in cardboard boxes which you can handle easily.
  • You are free to choose your own forwarder. We will inform you about our freight costs in advance so that you can make up your decision.
  • We always try to find new interesting natural products for your own business.

  Our Terms of Business:
  1. Quotations / Prizes:
    All prizes are in EURO excl. packaging, freight and VAT. Insurance is paid by the customer. All our products are natural. Variations in size, weight, shape, colours and other details are possible and are not to be seen as diminution of quality or reason for complaints. Same is valid in case we deliver handcrafted goods.
  2. Delivery time:
    For orders placed during trade fairs delivery generally takes place after 8 weeks; FOB Lagos after 12 weeks. Delays are possible, especially due to seasonal conditions (climate) and no reason for damage-reclaim.
  3. Payment:
    50% in advance; 50% two weeks after delivery.
  4. Complaints:
    within 3 days after having received the goods
  5. Venue:
    Venue for both sides is Bremen (Germany).
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